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21-ID-D:    630-343-6851
(alt: 630-359-8311)
21-ID-E:    630-343-6852
(alt: 630-359-8322)
21-ID-F:    630-343-6853
(alt: 630-359-8303)
21-ID-G:    630-343-6854
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Beamtime for Faculty of Member Institutions

Beamtime for members can be arranged through your institution's contact via the LS-CAT project site: If you need an account, please contact Keith Brister (630-343-9532).

Contact:Michael Garavito
John Tesmer Dominico Gatti Eric Xu Wayne Anderson George Phillips Martin Egli Satish Nair
For general users, industrial users and LS-CAT members
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Available Rapid Access Data Collection for the Next 10 days

Station Start Time Duration (Hours)
21-ID-F Feb 24, 2019 at 10:00 AM CST 22

To request this slot, contact Keith Brister ( 1-630-343-9532

General Users will need a General User Proposal with a Rapid Access Beamtime Request naming this station as the FIRST CHOICE.

Members may trade this slot with any other future slot on this station, including slots to be allocated during the next run.